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At FotoFix, we believe you should have the best looking pictures. That’s why we offer world-class digital photo enhancement and correction in the shortest amount of time at minimal cost. After all, why should professionals only have access to perfect photos? FotoFix gives you the photos you want, the way you want. And the possibilities are endless.

Our incredibly talented staff of photo enhancement artists (located in the US and abroad) personally ensures every photo is enhanced or corrected the way you want. Each artist is professionally trained in image enhancement and manipulation. 

FotoFix was created by Christian Hunter and Jessica Mitchell. Christian Hunter owns several companies and currently works as a Direct Marketing and Internet Service Executive. Jessica Mitchell holds a commercial advertising and photography degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography and currently oversees FotoFix’s day-to-day operations.  

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Testimonials & Examples

Dear FotoFix, "I just want to tell you that I am very, very pleased with how my picture was fixed. The person that edited my photo is a true artist. The picture was my wedding picture so it is just about the most important picture that a person can have. Thank you very much! I am so happy!" Debbie

Model Photo Retouched