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Creating virtual appeal is one of the most important features of selling an item online. Since the photo of your item is all the buyer has to rely on, you’ll want to generate interest with clear, professional-looking photos. Our highly-skilled enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Create a white background.
  2. Remove a product background or isolate the image.
  3. Crop, resize and enlarge images to show detail.
  4. Correct color.
  5. Reduce or remove glare and unwanted reflections on shiny or metallic surfaces.
  6. Minimize dust or grime.
  7. Intensify or enhance color.
  8. Remove labels, tags or other distracting elements.

Photos not only help generate interest in your item but also improve your chances of making more money. Let PhotoFix help you show off your item and connect with buyers.

Tips for your auction photos

Before you dig out your camera, check out the tips below to give your photos a professional look:

Plain as day. Always use a solid color background so buyers can clearly see your item. For most items, using a plain, white background is the best way to make your item stand out. If your item is white, use dark or black backgrounds.

How Photofix can help: We can isolate your image and place it against a white or other solid color background. PhotoFix can also easily remove any distracting elements.

Clean as a whistle. Clean, dust or polish your item before taking any photos. Dirt, grime, aging and fading devalues your item instantly from a buyer's perspective.

How Photofix can help: We can minimize dirt and add shine for a fresher look.

Close to the mark. Most products should be photographed close up so the buyer can see the condition and general appearance of the item for sale.

How Photofix can help: We rebalance color, lighten overly dark photos and fix contrast in overly bright photos. PhotoFix can also remove distracting glare and reflections from flash photography, as well as soften harsh lighting.

See the light. Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking a good photo. For outdoor photos, shoot in soft but bright light when the sun is not directly overhead. For indoor photos, use multiple lighting sources from different angles and not directly overhead. Avoid fluorescent lights.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix can brighten the photo, remove or reduce shadows, intensify color and remove glare off of metallic or shiny surfaces.

Let PhotoFix help you generate interest in your item. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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