Glamour and Model Photos

If you're interested in becoming a model or actor, a quality headshot is a no-brainer. Before you send your photos off to a casting agent, take time to ensure you really look your best. Our highly-skilled photo retouch artists can digitally:

  1. Brighten teeth.
  2. Even skin tone.
  3. Remove background distractions.
  4. Remove blemishes.
  5. Add makeup.
  6. Remove red eye.
  7. Lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.

Let PhotoFix glamorize your photo and improve your chances of getting noticed!

Tips to take Better Model Photos

Before you strike a pose for the camera, check out the tips below to make your photos look more professional:

Face it. Look straight into the camera and give a natural smile to showcase your features.

How Photofix can help: While we can’t shift the direction of your original gaze, PhotoFix can whiten your teeth, even your skin tone or sharpen your facial features.  

Zero in. Make sure your face or body takes up most of the photo space. Never obstruct your face with hair, glasses, hats or other accessories.

How Photofix can help: Photofix can crop your photos to feature only your face and body. We can also minimize or erase displaced hair pieces or other distracting accessories.

Make it up. Make-up can either work with you or against you. Even though it can disguise a blemish, it can’t always hide under-eye bags or wrinkles.

How Photofix can help: Our makeup artists can change the color of your eye shadow, add mascara or eyeliner, smooth skin and lighten or darken your existing makeup. We can also eliminate blemishes and dark circles.   

Always in moderation. The right makeup can transform your look in photos. However, too much can make you look unnatural and too little can make you appear washed out.

How Photofix can help: We can lighten your makeup if you went overboard or add it in if you didn’t use enough. PhotoFix can also lighten or darken your skin, as well as correct it to its natural color.   

Red alert. Even if your image is properly focused on the eyes, red eye can still pose a problem.

How Photofix can help: We can digitally enhance your photo to remove red eye or sharpen your features.

See the light. Make sure you have even, soft lighting when taking your photos that is bright enough to highlight your features without casting harsh shadows or overexposing the photo.

How Photofix can help: We can lighten or saturate your photos, minimize or remove shadows, or tone down too-bright areas to reveal a more natural, professional image. PhotoFix can also enhance color and contrast if your photos didn’t turn out the way you expected.

Let PhotoFix help you become a star. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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"I just want to tell you that I am very, very pleased with how my picture was fixed. The person that edited my photo is a true artist. The picture was my wedding picture so it is just about the most important picture that a person can have. Thank you very much! I am so happy!" - Debbie