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The world isn't black and white, so it can be frustrating when your color photos come out under or overexposed. Although overly light or dark photos lose a lot of detail, it isn't always gone for good. Our talented photo enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Eliminate shadows from faces and objects.
  2. Darken images that have been overexposed.
  3. Lighten images that have been underexposed.
  4. Eliminate glare.
  5. Correct contrast problems.

Check out the tips below to learn how to avoid lighting problems.

Lighting Tips for Photographs

See the light. Make sure the lighting is right for the occasion. For outdoor photos, shoot in soft but bright light when the sun is not directly overhead. For indoor photos, use multiple lighting sources from different angles that are not directly overhead. Avoid fluorescent lights.

How Photofix can help: If there are shadows or areas of uneven lighting in your photos, PhotoFix can adjust the contrast to make the lighting look even.

No artificial ingredients. Photos taken indoors with artificial light often come out with colors that don't look true to life. Take photos outside or manually adjust your camera's color balance to correct for the missing parts of the color spectrum.

How Photofix can help: Photofix can adjust colors to add what artificial light eliminated or what your camera skewed.

No exposure. Whether you're using a manual or automatic camera, it's easy to overexpose or underexpose your photos and make your subjects appear washed out or hidden by shadows. Make sure to check the light meter frequently to ensure you're exposing for the right amount of time. This is especially important if you're shooting outside on a day when the sun may come and go behind clouds.

How Photofix can help: If your photos do get exposed to too much or too little light, Photofix can brighten or darken photos to enhance the details.

Cut down the glare. Reduce glare in your prints by turning off your flash and not shooting directly into a light source. Avoid shooting through glass.

How Photofix can help: Our photo artists can reduce or eliminate glare caused by bright sunlight or other light sources.

Let PhotoFix help you get the right light for your photos. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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