Make-up Retouching

Finding the right makeup photo editor to get the great photo editing results you want can be a daunting task. PhotoFix can help you look your best. Our talented makeup photo enhancement artists can digitally reapply existing makeup in the following ways:

  1. Apply lipstick, eye shadow, blush, powder, eyeliner or mascara.
  2. Change the color of makeup.
  3. Lighten or darken existing makeup.
  4. Smooth uneven skin.
  5. Cover imperfections such as pimples, moles or cuts.
  6. Remove smudged makeup.

However, before you smile for the camera, check out the tips below to help your makeup photo editor help you to get the truly spectacular photos you’re looking for:  

How to apply makeup to get the great photo editing results you want:

First rule: Always in moderation. The right makeup can transform your look in photos in a way you won't believe until you see! Whether it’s eye shadow or bronzer we all know too much can make you look unnatural and too little can make you appear washed out. Of course eye shadow, self-tanner or bronzing lotion can add a nice glow to your skin head to toe, but it may not always photograph as expected. Experiment with application before you take your photos so your glow is as close to perfect as possible.

How a Photofix professional makeup photo editor can help: To get you great photo editing results requires a well-trained professional to begin with. If you wished you could go back in time to wipe your face and start all over again, well now you actually can. That's where a Photofix photo editor comes in. We can lighten your makeup if you went overboard, or add it in if you didn’t use enough to give your skin a nice, smooth look. PhotoFix can also lighten or darken your skin, as well as correct it to its natural color.

Give ‘em some lip. Lip liner can help you to reshape drooping or too full lips. Apply the same shade of lipstick on dry lips, blot with a tissue, and reapply. Apply lip gloss on top for extra shine or to make lips look fuller.

How Photofix can help: A Photofix makeup photo editor can put your lipstick back on your lips, correct your lip shape and remove smudges on teeth.

The skinny on good skin. Get some sleep the night before you shoot your photos. Drinking, smoking and staying up late always show on tired skin.

How Photofix can help: Our great photo editing professionals can virtually eliminate pimples or dark circles and leave you looking great!

Make it up. Make-up can either work with you or against you. Even though it can disguise a blemish, it can’t always hide under-eye bags or wrinkles.

How Photofix can help: Our makeup artists can add eye shadow, add mascara or eyeliner, smooth skin, remove blemishes and lighten or darken your existing makeup to get you truly great photo editing results.

Let PhotoFix help you look your best. Click below to submit your photo and see what our retouching professionals for free!

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