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Animals are difficult to photograph because they can’t stay still or smile for the camera. So how can you get a prize pet portrait? Our highly-skilled enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Eliminate red eye.
  2. Remove background distractions.
  3. Correct color and adjust lighting.
  4. Crop and resize images to improve detail and composition.
  5. Remove stains around eyes (common in dogs with white fur).
  6. Isolate the pet and move to another background.

Once you capture the perfect pose, you'll be happy you were patient. Let Photofix help your pets look their best!

Animal Photo Tips

Before you attempt to pose your pet, check out the tips below to get your best results:

Clean as a whistle. Start with a clean, well-groomed animal. Comb the fur to eliminate mats, loose hair and add a nice sheen for the camera.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix can hide dirt, grime and any stray substances stuck to fur. We can also sharpen detail and brighten fur color to make your pet look its best.

See the light. Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking a good photo. For outdoor photos, shoot in soft but bright light when the sun is not directly overhead. For indoor photos, use multiple lighting sources from different angles and not directly overhead. Avoid fluorescent lights.

How Photofix can help: We can digitally enhance your photo to remove red or reflector eye.  

It’s a wash. Don’t camouflage your white pet by using a white wall or light-colored background in your photos. The same goes for dark-colored animals and dark backgrounds.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix can change, lighten or darken your animal’s background to heighten contrast and show an optimum level of detail.

Sink to their level. Try taking the photo at your pet's eye level to capture your pet’s personality.

How Photofix can help: We can crop, resize or enlarge any portion of an image to emphasize eyes or any other desired area.  

With PhotoFix, you can create your own personal pet portrait. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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