photo restoration

Got an old photo you want to restore or preserve? Our highly-skilled photo retouch artists can digitally:

  1. Remove spots and mold.
  2. Correct damaged, faded and stained photos.
  3. Fix sun and light exposure damage.
  4. Preserve antique photos digitally.
  5. Hide creases, folds and discolorations.

How Can We Help Restore Your Photos?

Below are the most common instigators of photo damage.

Poor long-term storage. Photos are often inherited from relatives or have spent years stored in an attic or basement. Heat, moisture, extreme temperature changes and simple air exposure or other unstable materials (newsprint, acidic papers, or adhesives) can seriously damage these delicate documents.

How Photofix can help: Provided the image is still visible, and the damage isn't too extensive, PhotoFix can diminish or remove mold blotches, sun fading and cracked finishes.

Poor short-term storage. Sometimes the photos in question aren't necessarily that old, but have aged before their time. Photos stashed in books, left out on counters or hung in direct sunlight are all victims of exposure that causes fading, creasing, tattering or damage.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix can digitally remove creases and folds, and restore vibrancy, contrast and color to faded or sun damaged photos.

Accidents happen. Despite archival storage and your best efforts, sometimes accidents, natural disasters or other catastrophic events still cause smoke and fire damage, flood and water damage, burned edges, dirt and stains to your photos.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix artists can correct damaged, stained or faded photos. We can also remove spots and mold, and hide discolorations.

Let PhotoFix help you restore your old photos. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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