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Travel photos are your own personal record of how you choose to remember your journey. PhotoFix can help you show off the amazing sights you witnessed. Our highly-skilled photo enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Correct photo color.
  2. Fix red eye and brighten smiles.
  3. Remove bystanders or other distracting background elements.
  4. Lighten overly dark photos or intensify washed out photos.
  5. Saturate the colors of flowers, sunsets, or buildings to make photos vibrant.
  6. Crop, resize or enlarge wildlife and achieve better composition.

Travel photos often fall short of the stunning visual you originally photographed. Let Photofix help make your vacation photos as beautiful and memorable as the moments you captured.

Tips to Take Better Photos

Before you begin sightseeing, check out the tips below to give your photos a professional look:

See the light. Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking a good photo. Choose the soft, bright light of early morning or afternoon for city and landscape photos.

How Photofix can help: Photofix can brighten, rebalance or correct color to bring out rich detail in your photos.

Red alert. Even if the image is properly focused on the eyes, red eye can pose a problem.

How Photofix can help: We can digitally enhance your photo to remove red eye or sharpen your features.

Wide open. Take lots of wide angle landscape or cityscape photos.

How Photofix can help: We can enlarge or crop out distracting visitors and other elements in your photos to enhance detail and get the best part of your picture. PhotoFix can also replace any background with your wide angle city or landscape photos.

The art of a photo. Show off your artistic side with all of PhotoFix’s Photo Art options. Think some of your pictures would look better in black and white? Monochrome? Fresco?

How Photofix can help: Click here to see what you can do with our Photo Art!

Let PhotoFix help you remember your vacation the way you want. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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