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There's no denying the importance of wedding photos. Whether you're a photographer looking to enhance your photos or a regular with amateur shots, PhotoFix can help. Our highly-skilled photo enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Correct color.
  2. Adjust overexposed or underexposed images.
  3. Remove red eye.
  4. Retouch blemishes and other imperfections.
  5. Edit backgrounds or remove people.
  6. Crop and re-center photos to feature preferred individuals.
  7. Perform virtual weight reduction.
  8. Brighten teeth.
  9. Even skin tone and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  10. Add makeup.

Even the best pictures can be plagued with red eye or add ten pounds to your frame. With PhotoFix, the real you can shine through!

Tips for better Wedding Pictures

Before you walk down the aisle, check out the tips below to give your photos a professional look:

See the light. Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking a good photo. For outdoor photos, shoot in soft but bright light when the sun is not directly overhead. For indoor photos, use multiple lighting sources from different angles and not directly overhead. Avoid fluorescent lights.  

How Photofix can help: Photofix can rebalance contrast for washed out features or harsh shadows and soften harsh lighting.

Crack a smile. Smiling is especially important at weddings.

How Photofix can help: If your teeth need whitening in the photos, Photofix can help brighten your smile.

Red Alert. Even if the image is properly focused on the eyes, red eye can still pose a problem.

How Photofix can help: Photofix can remove red eye and enhance your features.

Clean as a whistle. Choose uncluttered spaces with solid color walls or uniform features for your background.

How Photofix can help: PhotoFix can take out some or all of the most distracting details, or replace a background entirely. We can also reshape the focus of your photo by resizing, enlarging and removing an image.

Remember your wedding day the way you want. Click here to submit your photo and see what we can do!

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